Healing Testimonies

Helen says, “I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer for something I had been struggling with for probably 20 or more years. I had sought the Lord many times for relief and had all sorts of prayer from various ministries over the years. It was a huge burden or weight of grief that I carried around (almost like it was strapped to my back) and I was always downcast, sad, crying and grief stricken. So, when I came for prayer, I really didn’t think it was going to be lifted in an instant. When I left the building after prayer, I still didn’t realize it had gone, since I had had so many others pray for me in the past. It took me a whole week to be able to believe I was at last free of this terrible grief. I thank the Lord for His goodness and the faithful ministers at the Healing Rooms.”

Kathleen says, Ï came to the Healing Rooms one Tuesday night. The next morning I was due to have an ultra sound as my doctor had found a large cyst on my left ovary that was causing me some discomfort. She said she would refer me to a specialist as I might need to be tested for cancer. When I was prayed over I felt my whole body tingling and the team told me that the cyst would be gone when I went for my scan.
At my appointment the next morning the cyst had completely disappeared. My doctor could not explain it. Thank You, God!”

Marilyn says, “Praise God for His healing. I have been suffering from major depression and anxiety for the past 18 months. I thank God and the faithful prayers of those at the Healing Rooms to get me through this rough patch of my life. I thank my God for the lessons I have learnt in the hard places. Thank you Healing Rooms team for your love and support and for hanging in there with me through this season.”
Marilyn is completely healed.

Margo says, “A friend told me about the Healing Rooms ministry because I was full of bitterness, suffering with arthritis and growing weaker. I was in a deep, black hole in my life and spiraling down. I didn’t hold much hope that the Healing Rooms could help me but, after spending time there, I was able to forgive the people who had done wrong in my life and let go of bitterness, aggression, anger and witchcraft, through Jesus.
Believe me, I was instantly healed! My pain, stiffness, depression and arthritis is gone. Jesus worked a miracle through the 3 beautiful servants who prayed for me in the Healing Rooms. I will never forget this amazing day.”

Owen says, “My wife and I had healing prayer in early September for us to fall pregnant. We had been trying for 5 months without success. The team laid hands on us and prayed. Then, during the first week of October, we found out that we were 5 weeks pregnant. Praise God! He answered our prayers.”

Jillian says, “I came to the Healing Rooms 18 months ago with M.S., liver disfunction (I was on the transplant list at the hospital), and depression etc. I was on numerous medications including high doses of morphine. I was in and out of a wheelchair or using crutches to get around. The medication was having severe side effects on my kidneys and bowel.
I came several times for prayer over a 12 month period and God totally healed and restored me. I am now moving in full time ministry. Hallelujah! Praise God for His goodness.”

Healing from severe and debilitating pain.

Ben, 14 years old.

Ben’s mother brought him into the Brisbane Healing Rooms, Australia one Tuesday evening in 2004. Ben had fallen badly during a soccer match the previous year and had hit the back of his head on the hard ground. Ever since he had been suffering pain in his neck, shoulders and spine to varying degrees despite the treatment of strong pain relief from a number of different doctors and specialists.

By the time he came to the Healing Rooms Ben was in terrible pain; having to be bolstered with pillows whenever he sat or went in the car; taking many hot showers each day; constantly moving his neck and shoulders, trying to get a more comfortable position; and taking 8 very strong pain killers daily. He had not been able to attend school for 5 months and the family dynamics had changed greatly to accommodate his condition.

Ben had ministry at the Rooms 7 times. Each time he was greatly encouraged and experienced a measure of healing. There were some things he needed to deal with in his life which were highlighted during the ministry times. His relationship with Jesus began to deepen as he read the Word and prayed more. After the 7th session Ben decided to take a step of faith and reduce his medication. Then he decided to sit with the pillows and stop taking all those hot showers. He found he didn’t need them anymore and stopped all his medication. He was totally healed!

He was able to return to school and participate in all the usual activities including physical education classes, music and soccer.

Ben did the HR Training Course when he was 16 and worked with the BHRA team for 2 years, praying for many children and teenagers and seeing amazing results. He is now a married man in his twenties and has never had a revisitation of that terrible pain since.

Thank You, Jesus!

Healing from mental illness.

A young woman came into the Rooms suffering with mental illness. She was a School teacher and unable to work due to the nature of her illness. She had been prescribed a medication that had, as one of its side effects, the ability to cause deformities in babies in the womb. She was told she would need to be on this medication for the rest of her life. She hated taking it and was wanting to get married and have children in the future.

The Healing Rooms team prayed believing that God would do a miracle in her life.

She didn’t come back for further prayer and we heard nothing from her for 3 years when she approached the Directors at a Training Course in a city 2 hours drive away.

She reported that she had been totally healed and no longer needed medication of any kind. She was back teaching School full time and looking forward to a bright future.

She gives God all the glory.